Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm over the word limit at the moment

Too many books. Too many pages. So many words. Not enough time.

Every so often I run into a reading problem. And that's where I find myself at the moment. Three books. Not enough time. And it's all the library's fault, since they're the ones who decided to grant my request for two books that I've had on hold for awhile.

See here's my problem. I just started The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory a few days ago. And so far it's pretty good. Granted I'm not very far into it, about 130 pages out of 600 or so. But I like it. And I've said before that I really don't like stopping in the middle of a book.

But here's where the library becomes a problem. I got an e-mail the other day. Not one, but two of the books I had requested were in. So after work tonight I go and pick them up, before they decide to give them to someone else.

So now I have The Host by Stephenie Meyer and Pinkerton's Secret by John MacRae sitting in a pile by my bed, begging to be read. And I admit, I haven't looked at their due dates yet, but I have a feeling the library's going to want those books back sooner rather than later.

Suggestions? What do I do? Finish what I'm reading and start in on the library books, taking the chance I may rack up some late fees? I mean, it wouldn't be anything new. I tend to have late fees at the library fairly often. Or do I put the book I'm currently reading aside (since I do own it) and start in on the library books? Or do I get really ambitious and try to more than one at once (something I don't like to do because it tends to confuse me)?

Like I said, too many books, pages and words at once and not enough time to read them all!

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Bethany K. Warner said...

If you're like me, if you start either Pinkerton's Secret or The Host, you'll finish it within two-three days because it's that good.