Monday, April 14, 2008

My life of crime begins today

Remember how I said Johnny Depp was coming to The City on the Water?

Well he got here Friday night and began filming some scenes over at the airport. But today? Filming starts downtown. As in one block from my office. As in, for the past hour I've been looking out my office window at this huge, three-story fluorescent green screen they've erected in front of a building.

And in just a few minutes I'm going to start my Johnny Depp duty. Yes, three days this week my "assignment" is to cover the movie filming. Not to shabby of a gig. Especially since it's supposed to be nice this week, unlike last week.

But still. Yes, John Dillinger is cool. Yes, "Public Enemies" is a film all about notorious bank robbers. And as the girl who writes about crime and grime, that's cool. But if Johnny Depp had showed up in The City on the Water as Capt. Jack Sparrow? That would have been so much cooler.

Because if you pit a pirate against a bank robber? The pirate would win. Hands down.

Now it's time for me to go stalk a bank robber. And see if I can get on the other side of that green screen.

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