Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Cold. Dark, threatening looking clouds that looked like they were going to open up and soak us. Gusty winds that scattered the fallen leaves across the road. The mist was blowing off the river. Put them all together and it was kind of eerie outside.

A perfect October night for ghost hunting.

The Girls from Work and I met up with two local "spirit hunters" for a ghost walk through one of the city's oldest cemeteries last night. We started our hunt, walking into what appeared to be the darkest part of the cemetery.

Our guide was telling us all these tales about her previous ghost hunts. Most of the spirits she's encountered have been quite cordial and only one was a bit on the hostile side. And apparently the trail that runs along the back of the cemetery has a high level of "spirit" activity going on, which concerns me a bit since I run on that trail a lot.

By this point, we've wandered our way into a very dark corner of the cemetery. We stopped near a section where a bunch of Catholic nuns are buried. Our guide decides she's going to stop talking and maybe take some pictures, see if any spirits are among us.

"Oh, we have an orb," our guide says nonchalantly.

An orb? What does that mean? Is some nun's spirit going to come after us? Because I really do have reason to worry since my Dad's aunt (who was a nun) told my family we were all going to the fiery resort location known as H-e-double hockey sticks because we didn't got to church. Every. Single. Week.

While it wasn't super scary, I do have to admit, the orb thing? It was kind of creepy, especially when you throw in the weather elements and that we could feel the mist coming off the river.

But the orb must not have been too hostile, because it was there in the second picture our guide took and then it disappeared. Back to where ever orbs go.

We kept on our hunt. Our guide told us a few more stories and all of a sudden we were done.

Then she mentions an upcoming ghost walk along the trail that apparently has a bunch of spirit activity on it. There's been sightings of shadow people. And the ghost of a swimmer (and or biker) who died along the trail.

While I'm not saying I believe in the whole ghost thing, although we did see an orb, I think I might head out for the ghost walk along the trail. Because if it really is haunted? I at least want to have the opportunity to introduce myself to these spirits. Because it's better to run into a friendly spirit rather than a hostile spirit who has no idea who you are.

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Anonymous said...

My future mother-in-law is a big fan of orbs. She takes pictures of them all the time. I never believed it, but she makes a good argument and they show up in pictures of their all the time. In places there wasn't a weird light, not any rain or moisture, nothing else that you'd think would produce something like that in a picture. Sometimes there are more than others. I'm never sure what to think about it.

What did your guide say about them?