Saturday, October 27, 2007

The network or my cable company, which do I hate more?

Let me just say I HATE the Big Ten Network.

Seriously. Two weeks in a row I haven't been able to watch my Badgers because they were being televised on that stupid network that my cable company doesn't feel the need to carry.

Granted last week was a blowout to Northern Illinois. But it might have been nice to be able to watch them play Indiana. Just because. Two weeks? That's crazy.


teacherwoman said...

That is crazy!

Even though my Sioux don't belong in the big 10, I wish they still televised the football games around here like they do with EVERY home hockey game. grr...

Badgergirl said...

At least I'll get to see the Ohio State and Michigan game on regular TV. And hockey? I get to see that in person next weekend.