Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's no longer the quite neighborhood I grew up in

Two reasons why my parents decided to move from my childhood home a few years ago.

Armed robbery by use of axe. What was robbed? Marijuana.

And good old shots fired in a domestic situation. According to TV new, I went to high school with this upstanding citizen.

Both incidents happened within four blocks of the house I grew up in. The axe robbery? Just a block away.

Just like Dad said, the neighborhood's going downhill.


Jess said...

I've never heard of an "axe robbery" before. Was this robber Paul Bunyan?

Jess said...

Also, I note that your other blog is titled "biblio babes" -- about books, no? That's awesome. I'm a big book girl. In fifth grade, I was on a Battle fo teh Books (competition that the elementary schools held) team, and we were called the Battle Babes. We did not rock, but it was still fun.