Monday, October 8, 2007

Octapolluza Week 1 recap

A quick look back at Week 1 of Octapolluza.

Good points:
  • I stuck with one soda per day, and even went the entire weekend without consuming any soda. Good for me.
  • I managed three runs - a 3.5 mile run on Monday and 2-mile runs on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Saturday, instead of pounding the pavement, a friend and I went for a 2-hour hike in some state park in the middle of Illinois. It was supposed to be a 3-hour hike, but it was HOT (and for some reason the theme song from Gilligan's Island kept running through my head, maybe not a good sign).

Bad points:
  • I technically had two rest days, Wednesday and Friday. But I did do a fair amount of walking from bar to bar in Chicago on Friday night.
  • Strength training? Yeah, I forgot about that part of Octapolluza. Hopefully I will sneak it in during Week 2.

And speaking of Week 2, it's off to a good start. I had a speedy 2-mile run this afternoon. The speediness wasn't a result of me all of a sudden becoming super fast. No, that was mostly due to the rain that started pelting me during the last half-mile or so.


teacherwoman said...

nice job with Octapolluza so far! Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Good job. I wish I had the energy to run!