Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The winged creatures and I get along just fine

I didn't drag myself out of bed this morning until 10 a.m. In my defense, it was my day off and I wasn't really sleeping until 10. I was awake around 8:30, but kind of dozed on and off until 10, when I decided I really should get up and do something.

I got up, had some peanut butter toast and then decided to spend some time reading about Harry's adventures during his third year at Hogwarts. At one point, I looked up, noticed it was nice and sunny outside and decided that even though I was enjoying Harry's adventures, I needed to be productive.

So I got up, threw on some sweats and laced up my running shoes. I went over to the park and I ran. It was a bit breezy, but lucky for me, I was running into the wind on my way out and therefore had the wind at my back on the second part of the run.

It was a nice 4.4 mile run through the trails at the park, along the lake. Even though it was about 12:30 or so, there weren't a whole lot of people there, meaning I didn't have to run around a bunch of walkers, bikers or other runners. It was just me, the sea gulls and the geese. And a class or two of school kids. But mostly just me and the winged creatures.

At one point, I was almost done with my run. I could see my car, that's how close to the end I was. Up until this point, me and the winged creatures were getting along fine. But then I had to pass two older gentlemen who were walking, so I edged over, closer to the grass. And I think I freaked this big old goose out. Cause all of a sudden he made this motion like he was going to lunge at me. And that wouldn't have been good. You would have read about it the next day in the paper: "Runner attacked by goose." Lucky for me, the goose was just getting up enough power to launch himself into the air so he could avoid me and the walkers. Apparently he'd had enough of people invading his space, cause he flew away and landed in the water.

But other than the encounter with the goose, the run was good. I felt good and I made pretty good time. By no means am I the fastest runner on earth, but the past few days my pace has been faster and I think that's a good thing.

Now, it's time to go catch up with my friends from Grey's Anatomy.

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