Saturday, May 5, 2007

Time to find some new running routes

I've run into a problem.

As much as I like running in my neighborhood, well aside from the cars that feel the need to drive 55 miles an hour while I'm running on this tiny gravel shoulder, I think I need to relocate for a few weeks.

See, the Lake Flies have arrived here in the City on the Water.

It's not like I didn't know they were coming. Every year, around Mother's Day they appear. And they swarm. And buzz. And cling. They're just not fun. And since my neighborhood is right on the lake, there's no escaping them.

Today, during my extra-long dinner break, I went running. I took the usual 3.25 mile route I take. Up the highway of death, through a neighborhood and across the highway into another neighborhood that's right on the lake.

As I'm running along the street, not only are my shoes kicking up grass clippings, but I'm also disturbing the Lake Flies, which happened to be congregating on the street. So I'm running along, flailing my arms as I try to ward off the flying creatures.

I can totally handle ingesting a few bugs along the way every so often, it helps me out in getting my protein since I don't eat a lot of meat. But I draw the line at inhaling Lake Flies. These things are huge. And they have these furry little antenna things sprouting off their heads. Not fun to inhale.

So it might be time to try out some other running routes here in the city. Routes where there are less Lake Flies to swarm me as I run.

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