Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. After running Tuesday and Wednesday I decided to take tonight off. Really it was more that I was already at work late, I was starving and I had a few errands that needed to be done. So no running.

2. I won't have that excuse next week. It's the return of the week-long furlough, those great "unpaid" vacations my company has gotten into the habit of giving employees. I'll be spending most, if not all, of the week at my parents' house. There will be time for running. And hopefully some strength training and biking. And since my Dad is recuperating after having carpal tunnel surgery, I'm sure there will be some shoveling if there's snow. And I won't forget about that training plan I need to write. Or books I have to read. I'm pretty sure I'll find some ways to fill a week's worth of me time.

3. Does anyone else watch "Revenge?" OMG. I love this show. As in, I cannot miss a minute of it. So. Good. It's my must-see TV show. And considering I don't watch a ton of TV, that says a lot.


Carolina John said...

I just don't see how revenge could possibly be as good as everyone says it is. Ok fine, I'll add it to netflix once they have it on demand.

Suzy said...

Revenge is one of our guilty pleasures! Love that show!! EW said some big things are coming the first weeks of Feb and I can't wait.

palexander75 said...

Revenge! I was bummed it wasn't on last night. Although that did allow me a few minutes to jump back into Racing Weight.