Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Day No. 3 of the Furlough brought a trip up to Lambeau Field. I had to stock up on a bit of Green Bay Packers gear. Because did you hear? We're going to the Super Bowl :) I opted not to get a shirt, I figured I'd save that purchase for a Super Bowl Champions shirt, but I did pick up one of the NFC Championship hats that the players were sporting in the locker room, some green and gold beads in preparation for a Super Bowl viewing party and a copy of the Super Bowl program. My Mom and I then had lunch up at Curly's Pub, our seats looked out at the players' parking lot and we could watch as the players were coming out of practice and going home for the day. No sign of Clay Matthews though - he was probably inside finishing up details for that Suave hair products endorsement deal he inked.

Non-Packer related, but we just managed to miss the craziness that comes when the highway is shut down due to President Obama's motorcade traveling through the area on his way to the airport.

2. Talk about a productive day so far. Not only have I gotten in a short swim while helping out my sister-in-law, I also had a run date with Jess. During the run it became very clear to me that I don't run with other people regularly. Because we don't get together very often, run dates with Jess require gossip. And gossip? Requires lots of talking. And that makes running hard. But it was so worth it. Of course the fresh one inch of snow we ran through was also making things a bit tough, but overall it was a good run. And I'm thinking it might be time to invest in some Yak Trax.

3. Now I've got a few hours to kill before heading out to the Oshkosh Half Marathon kickoff event. You can't really go wrong learning about core strength, raffle prizes, changes in the course (seriously, the event's in its fifth year and I think the course has never been the same) and reduced registration fees? Sign me up!

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teacherwoman said...

Packers...boooh. I am pretty sure I will be cheering for the Steelers. sorry hun!