Monday, January 10, 2011

Someone should post locker room rules

All of the New Year's resolution people must have waited until this week to head out to the YMCA. Because tonight when I pulled into the parking lot? Crowded. Don't worry. I managed to snag a treadmill and pound out my 4.6 miles.

The bigger problem was in the locker room. I got down there and there were like 5 women in my little aisle of lockers. And they had all come from the pool area, so the floor was a bit wet. Two women had spread their stuff out along the ENTIRE row of the lockers and of course the locker I was using was smack dab in the middle. So I just kind of chilled for a moment. Thinking they'd notice I was waiting.

Yup. I just sat. And waited. And waited some more.

Finally after a few minutes they realized I was sitting there and asked me if they were in my way. Uh, no I just like sitting in a locker room for the heck of it. They finally moved their stuff. Problem was where they were standing? Right in front of my locker? Huge puddles.

Next time ladies? Try putting a towel down on the floor. At least that way there won't be little lakes left on the floor for the next person to avoid.

But on a more exciting note.

Hood to Coast. It's been talked about a lot in Blogland and on Twitter. When I first heard about the movie a couple of months ago I was interested in seeing it. And today? I finally decided to make some plans to go see it. At first I was thinking of just heading over to the theater alone, but then I decided to see if my friend Jess had any plans.

She didn't! So tomorrow night we're heading over to see Hood to Coast. And we're both pumped. After watching the trailer, we're both ready to be inspired by the film. I mean seriously. Read what the film's website has to say about it:
Hood to Coast is a feature length documentary shot in stunning HD that captures the spirit of the runner like it's never been seen before. Follow four teams on their epic journey as they try to conquer the world's largest relay race, we realize that winning isn't everything in a documentary that takes a celebratory look at personal motivation and attempting the extraordinary. For 30 years thousands of runners from across the country have gathered for this  running world favorite, and now you can feel the pain, relish the camaraderie, and get a taste of the runner's high in a movie theater near you. Even if you've never run a step in your life, this documentary will make you want to push yourself farther than you've ever gone before.
Chills. I get chills just reading about it. Needless to say, I'm so excited.

Anyone else heading out to see Hood to Coast?


Jess said...

I have a feeling this movie is EXACTLY what I need right now! Can't wait! Thanks for thinking of me! :)

J said...

Enjoy the movie! I wish I could and see it tonight but it just wont fit into my schedule!! I hate how the locker rooms have been crowded! Sometime i can't even find an empty locker!