Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Didn't really want to go for a run tonight after work, but I forced myself to go. At first the run stunk. But surprise, surprise, after a mile I felt good. So my 3-mile run turned into 4 miles. Which turned into 5 miles. Which ended up being 6.2 miles because honestly I was feeling pretty good.

2. I need to sit down this weekend and try to come up with a training plan. While the Green Bay Half Marathon isn't until May, I'm toying with doing the Oshkosh Half Marathon in mid-April - use it as a training run. In years past I've always done the 5K in Oshkosh, but I figured one of these years I should really do the half marathon on the streets of the city I call home.

3. Speaking of training, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be doing an indoor triathlon next weekend on a complete whim. No training whatsoever. I haven't been in a pool since July. I haven't spent a considerable amount of time on a bike in a long time. But I have been running. I was thinking of skipping the event next weekend at the YMCA, but it'll be the last chance for me to do a race as a 30-year-old. Going in under-prepared? Could be fun. Or scary.

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James said...

Good job on the run. It's always great when a crappy run turns into a great one!