Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I haven't listed my goals for 2011 yet (maybe this weekend), but I'm pretty sure the "read 40 books" goal will be returning. And I'm already on my way. I finished up the first book of 2011 today during my lunch break at work. Only 39 more to go.

2. Speaking of the weekend, I've got a laundry list of things to do. Probably the most pressing? Take down my Christmas tree and clean up some of the clutter that's shown up over the holidays. I just cringe at the thought of wrestling with the fake tree branches, trying to get them all shoved back into the box and then trying to duct tape the box shut. Anyone want to do it for me?

3. I'm toying with joining a running group for the upcoming half marathon season. It's a training group that is actually aiming for the Oshkosh Half Marathon in April. In the past I've always done the 5K event, but this year I'm thinking of doing the half marathon. It's a month before the Green Bay Half Marathon, and I'd need to do 10 miles that weekend anyway. So I'm thinking of using the Oshkosh half as a sort of a training run before Green Bay. And it might be nice to be a part of a group to run with once a week. Kind of hold me accountable. Plus I'd get that long run out of the way early in the weekend. Thoughts?


Deloris said...
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Deloris said...

I belong to a track club and love it!

I love meeting on Tuesday nights and running intervals. If I wasn't with the group, I know I wouldn't be doing intervals at all. I think running groups are helpful. Everyone is so supportive.

Besides my track club, I will be running trails with a local group on Sundays. Once again, if I didn't participate with the group, I wouldn't be running trails. I would definitely join a weekly group run. It is fun and I do recommend it. :)