Sunday, January 9, 2011

That's the mentality I should take to half marathons

The Christmas tree is still standing in my living room. And it's still fully decorated. Maybe I'll have to take the multi-day approach to taking it down - ornaments and lights one night after work and shoving it in the box the next night.

I still don't have a training plan drawn up for the two spring half marathons I'm planning on doing. But I do think I've made a decision about whether or not to get involved with the training group.

I spent the day Saturday playing arcade games and jamming out to Michael Jackson videos on a Wii video game with The Rugrats. Which is why the Christmas tree is still standing and why I didn't get my run in on Saturday. Priorities.

But I did run this morning. And had plenty of time to shower, deck myself out in green and gold (including my fluorescent green compression socks) and do a few errands before watching the Packers demolish the Eagles' playoff hopes.

Bring on the Falcons.

Photo credit: Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers


Suzy said...

The game was great...though a bit of a nail biter towards the end! Can't wait for next week's game.

Jessica said...

You know that taking down the Christmas tree is going to wait until your furlough, right? :)

Mike said...

Go Packers!