Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. You know those commercials for UPS that ask what can brown do for you? Well for starters how about having their employees communicate with each other? The UPS man came to my apartment Wednesday night to drop off a package. Of course I wasn't home. Is anyone ever home when they come to make a delivery? They left the sticky note and when I got home I rushed to my computer to tell them to told hold my package at the distribution center. When I went to go pick it up this morning? Package was MIA. Nowhere to be found. Apparently the delivery driver left with my package on his truck. At least that's what the guy at the counter believed. So now I have to go BACK to the UPS place Friday morning. Because that package is important.

2. When I signed up for the training group last weekend I also wanted to pick up some gear - mainly a pair of Drymax socks and a neck warmer - to prepare myself for some outdoor runs that could potentially be chilly. And since my local running store was out, I headed over to the Running Warehouse and got a steal of a deal. Socks. A neck warmer. Free two-day shipping. Except due to UPS's inability to talk amongst themselves, my package has been sitting in the city where I live longer than it took to travel from California to Wisconsin. And I really need that package.

3. You'd want it too if you were looking at weather forecast that looks like this:
My first long run with my training group is supposed to be Saturday morning. At 7:30 a.m. And single digit temperatures with wind chills below zero? Yeah, I'm a bit nervous. Hopefully I don't freeze and become an icicle, especially since I've got my last race as a 30-year-old in the afternoon - the indoor tri at my YMCA. Let's not talk about the fact I haven't swam since July. When it was warm.


Jess said...

I literally laughed out loud at this: "my package has been sitting in the city where I live longer than it took to travel from California to Wisconsin." Oh how typical.

Stay warm this weekend!

Mike said...

Ouch! Tomorrow we start at 5 degrees as well, but warm to 16. the weekend promises to be in the low 20's - not much better. Good luck with the indoor tri.

Deloris said...

I'm going to skip my group run Saturday morning also. The wind chill alone is supposed to be -5. Too cold for me. I will be out Sunday for the group trail run. At least it will be in the teens by then. Heat wave.

Good luck with the triathlon! :)

J said...

It is supposed to be super cold here tomorrow as well! I hope I can make it the 5 miles I have planned! Good luck and have fun at the tri!