Sunday, August 8, 2010

Showing off my bling

There is a possibility that I'm the last person in Blogland to do this. But on this steamy Sunday in August, I'm taking a few moments to show you folks the bling I've collected. I believe Marlene started off showing us her medal collection and I'm pretty sure every blogger I read has followed suit.

I'm just a little behind.

But my collection. Here it is. I don't display my medals anywhere special. They hang off the edge of the bookcase that sits in the hallway between my living room and bedroom hallway. If people know to look for them, they spot them. Or sometimes the ribbons and medals will catch their eye. Otherwise the medals just kind of hang there. Although I might have to figure something else out since I'm running out of room.

Since the collection is a bit small, I'll take you on a quick tour.
First up, my favorite. It's the medal I got after crossing the finish line at the Green Bay Half Marathon in May 2010. Yeah, the half marathon where I almost cried as I ran the lap around Lambeau Field. The half marathon that marked the end of my battle with The Monster.
And since we're talking about the end of The Monster, we've got to go back to the beginning too. This is the medal I got after finishing the Fox Cities Half Marathon in September 2007. My first half marathon. And it was about 2 months later that The Monster invaded my head.
The Danskin Sprint Triathlon and two Trek Women's Triathlon medals I've collected over the last three years. The one on the left with the green ribbon, that came from the Danskin Sprint Triathlon in July 2008, my very first triathlon. The two Trek Women's Triathlon medals were from 2009 (center) and 2010 (right).
And these are the few age group medals I've gotten my hands on. Three are from the indoor triathlons my YMCA has put on over the last two years, but the one with the skinny red ribbon? That's actually from a 5K, Run for the Paws, that I did last Labor Day with my friend. Granted, it was a really really small race (like 30 people tops), but I was still proud of my age group award.

So those are my medals. Like I said, it's kind of a small collection, but I'm proud of each one. And I'm hoping to add some more bling to bookshelf in the coming months. In fact, stay tuned this week. I'll have an announcement coming up.


Teamarcia said...

Very nice bling!

Marlene said...

Thanks for playing along! You have some nice ones.

Suzy said...

You aren't the last...I haven't done it. I love the medals you have. Nice bling!!