Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend wrap-up

I've determined weekends need to be longer. Oh, and Mother Nature needs to stop it with the heat and humidity.

But anyway. It was a busy weekend. Dinner with the parents on Friday night, followed up by refreshing - although a bit windy - 13.1-mile bike ride around the airport grounds on Saturday afternoon.  The evening was spent watching the wolves eat their dinner, catching up with the baby baboon and realizing goats have really freaky eyes at the Menominee Park zoo, dinner and a movie. It was a good night (The Last Exorcism, I recommend waiting for it to come out on DVD).

And today was draft day - deciding which NFL players would be lucky enough to call themselves a member of Crime and Grime for the 2010 fantasy football season. There are some returnees from last year's championship team - Peyton and Eli Manning and Dallas Clark - along with some new additions - Wes Welker, Miles Austin and (representing the Green and Gold) Ryan Grant and Donald Driver. Should be a good year.

Anyone notice that a run is missing? There were plans to do an 8- or 9-miler, but I wasn't planning on having enough time to do it Saturday. And today? It was just too dang hot. So the long run has been pushed to Monday. Again. But I have a plan this time. Instead of 8 or 9 miles of the treadmill to nowhere? I'm heading over to the other YMCA in town tomorrow after work. I'm planning on doing a good chunk of the run on the running track (where 10 or 11 laps equals a mile) and finishing out the remaining miles on the treadmill. I think it's a good compromise. Instead of running to nowhere for that many miles, I'll be running in circles. But it'll be better than running outdoors when the mercury has hit 90 and it's humid. Plus when I do make my way to the treadmill? There will be the U.S. Open to watch. Watching tennis while running? Sounds like a deal to me!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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Jess said...

Dear Mother Nature, please stop teasing us by dipping the temps a few degrees and then making them sore insanely high again. Let's just get to fall.

Love, runners everywhere