Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. The nasty humidity we've been dealing with all week has finally broken. So of course I was excited to get outside for a run tonight after work. Too bad that was an epic failure. Blame it on the fact that between noon on Wednesday and 4 p.m. today (a grand total of 28 hours), I spent 18 hours at work and 7 hours sleeping. The other three hours? Getting ready for work in the morning, getting ready for bed last night and I'm not sure what I did during that last hour. A night shift to an early morning shift back to back? Leaves a tired Badgergirl who just wants to go home and nap. But I didn't nap. I just crashed in my recliner and stared at the TV. The run? It'll get done tomorrow.

2. I started a new book the other day, The Way the Crow Flies by Ann-Marie MacDonald. I don't buy a ton of books, instead relying on my local library to get stuff to read. But this is one that I actually own. And since it's been sitting on my shelf since July 2007 (yes, the receipt was stuck inside the front cover), I figured it's probably time I read it. It's a long one though. And given my recent reading slackage, I'm crossing my fingers I finish all 811 pages by the end of August.

3. My Dad is over the moon with excitement. Less than a month to go before he gets to see Lady Gaga in concert. And since I'm his driver, I'll be seeing her as well. And yes, I admit. I'm actually looking forward to it. And speaking of my Dad, anyone have tips on what I can say to him to convince him that it's OK to wait until later in the evening to go for his walk? He likes to come home from work and immediately change his shoes and go for his 3 mile walk. Not usually a problem. But when it's 90, the dew point's in the 70s and he just got done working a long day at the hot mill he works at, I think it might be best for him to wait. Or even skip the walk. Or make use of the treadmill in their basement.


The life of a Triathlete said...

I hate humidity! Good thing I live in Utah. Way dry until winter.

Marlene said...

I think it's so funny that your Dad is so excited about Lady Gaga! Lucky you getting to see the show too - it'll be a good one!

Jill said...

That is sooo funny about your dad! I'd like to see her, too, an my daughter is mortified over that fact. Ha. Glad the humidity broke for you...hope it remains gone for a great weekend for you!