Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still alive


Don't worry. I didn't vanish off the face of the earth. And I'm still alive. Just have been a little busy in the last week. And the workouts? Yeah, those have been skipped. Oops. I've excuses though.

Got in a quick 8-mile bike ride on Thursday before heading out to meet the girls for drinks, appetizers and some fun. Didn't intend to stay out very late. But the next thing I knew it was early Friday morning, the birds were getting ready to wake up and I was crawling in to bed. Good thing I didn't have to work until the afternoon.

I was originally planning on a run Friday morning before work. But the late bedtime meant that wasn't going to happen. It's OK though. Because I spent the night walking around (and around and around) the grounds out at Country USA for work. Probably logged a few miles before the headliner, Brad Paisley, took the stage at 11 p.m. Good show. Once again, another late night.

More work on Saturday. And the legs were a bit tired.

Headed up by Mom and Dad on Sunday. Was planning on tackling the trails at High Cliff. You know the site of last weekend's triathlon. The one featuring a run that kicked my behind? Wanted to show those trails (and that cliff road) who was boss. But The Rugrats were over. So I played with them instead.

Came home from work intending to run yesterday. But as soon as I was ready, it was pouring rain. And once it stopped? My stomach was growling something fierce. So I figured food might be a better option.

Today I ran. Wanted to log 3 miles. But the sky looked like it was going to open up and pour at any moment, so I cut the run short. Just logged 2 miles. But I threw in some fartleks, worked on a little speed. And the run went pretty well.

Now if I can just do it once or twice more this week, remind my legs what it's like to run. Because guess what I realized yesterday. I've got a 5K race this weekend. Yikes.

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