Friday, June 5, 2009

Furlough, it's nice to see you again

Well hello Furlough. It's been a while since I've seen you.

Today begins my second week-long furlough. You know, those things that have become the cool thing for companies to do. It's like they pull you into a room, tell you you're getting an extra week of vacation. But we're not going to pay you.

In other words, a forced, unpaid vacation.

This will be Furlough No. 2 for me. I had one back in February. I traveled a bit during that furlough. Made a trip across the state to La Crosse to see a friend. Another trip down to Milwaukee to see an old college roommate.

This time around? I'm staying put in the City on the Water. Although I'll probably make the half-hour trip north to my parents' house and High Cliff State Park a couple of times.

Which means I should have plenty of time to accomplish the few goals I have for my week off.

During this furlough, I will:
  • Ride my bike. Maybe tackle that 31-mile route I did last weekend for the Strong Kids Ride. And this time have my camera with me.

  • Run. I've been neglecting my running shoes lately. And there ideas swirling around in my head.

  • Swim. Might even do an open water swim in Lake Winnebago in preparation for the High Cliff Triathlon. Which is in two weeks. Two weeks people! That's quick.

  • Catch up with Jack Bauer and see how he ended up saving the world this season. Jack's probably pretty ticked off at me since I stopped watching 24 after probably Hour No. 10 since I got so far behind. But the DVDs of season 7 went on sale the day after the season finale and I got a great deal. And for the past week, Jack's been sitting on my end table. Just waiting for me to pop in the first DVD.

  • The not so fun task of cleaning my apartment. But it needs to be done.
So that's the list. Add in some reading. Some relaxing. And a possible trip to the zoo with The Rugrats. Should be a good week off. And it all kicks off tonight when I head to see Grease at the performing arts center with my parents.


Runner Leana said...

Sorry to hear about the furlough. It sounds like you plan to make the most of your time though. Hope your week off is a productive one!

teacherwoman said...

Enjoy your "vacation". too bad it wasn't a paid vacay. Just make the most of it and enjoy it!