Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not much to say

I haven't got much to say.

With High Cliff looming in the distance - it's four days away in case you lost count - I'm taking it relatively easy this week. Took a rest day yesterday. Actually I was going to go for a run, but then when I got home, looked in my bare cupboards, I decided making a grocery store run was a bit more important. Because apparently food is vital. Today I just hopped on my bike for a short 7 mile ride. I thought about abandoning it since it looked like it was going to start pouring buckets any moment, but I did it. I'm glad I did too since it felt good to get the legs moving a bit.

So not much from me.


If you're looking for new reading material, head on over to Steve's blog. The guy is hilarious. He runs. He swims. He bikes. And he tells stories about the adventures he has. And seriously, how many guys out there finish a half ironman while dressed as The Grim Reaper during the 13.1 mile run? He did. Go. Now. Start reading. You'll enjoy it. Trust me. And if you go, you'll get a chance to win a free pair of shoes.

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teacherwoman said...

Hey, I squeezed in 5 miles on the bike today, between running. Some is better than none! LOL

Nice shoutout to Steve. He's a crack up!