Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The lake flies are still here

Those pesky lake flies are still here.


I even wished really really hard that they would just magically disappear overnight. Or freeze to death the other night when the temperatures dipped into the upper 30s. They didn't disappear or die though.

So I'm still stuck with them. Which means I've had to leave my neighborhood if I've wanted to run or bike this week. And of course, I had the urge to run last night when I got home from work. So I threw on some running clothes and laced up my sneakers and headed out to the Wiouwash Trail, the place where I logged so many long runs in preparation for the half marathon I did in 2007.

When I started my run, I was only planning on heading out to the first trail makers and then heading back. It would have been about a 2.6 mile run. Not too far. Not to short. Just enough to get me out and get my legs moving. But when I got to that marker, I still felt good. Like I could keep going. The next marker was about a half-mile away. So I kept running until I got to the marker. I still felt good but I knew I needed to turn back since I had another 2 miles to go before I was done.

I started on my way to the car. The first few minutes it felt good. My iPod was keeping me company with some Flogging Molly, I was running, it was nice out and there weren't any lake flies to bug me. Things were good.

Then it hit me.

The wind. Gusty. In my face. Steady. Strong.

Turns out the reason the first half of my run went so well? I had been running with the wind. Made it easier. Now I had to fight against the wind all the way back. Payback. I stopped momentarily, but then I sucked it up and started running again. Because even if I stood in one place for a long time, the wind was still going to be there. It wasn't leaving. So I ran. At times I felt like I was barely moving. But I ran. And eventually I made it back to my car.

And as I was driving home I realized, I had just run 4 miles. The first time I ran 4 miles since the days leading up to my half marathon in 2007. Obviously 2008 was not a good running year for me, blame it on the Monster. But I think things are looking up.


Moved the workout indoors today since it was stormy and the lake flies are still here. Spent some time in the pool with a 1,700 yard swim workout which went pretty well.


teacherwoman said...

I hate that "barely moving" feeling when running in the wind. Doesn't matter which direction it's blowing, it's still nasty!

Nat said...

Great job on the run! Way to get your workouts in!