Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So this is what a pool looks like

Can you smell the chlorine? Because I can.

Yes my friends. I managed to find my way back to the pool today. And I'm already looking forward to a return trip.

I left nothing to chance. I packed my swim bag last night and had it sitting by my work bag, ready for me to grab when I left for work this morning. I took a shorter lunch today so I could leave the office a little early and take full advantage of the hour and a half I'd have until the kids swim team took over the pool.

I was ready.

After work I didn't think twice. I pointed my car towards the YMCA, like a girl on a mission to reacquaint herself with the pool.

I admit though, as I was walking from the locker room to the pool deck, I was a bit nervous. I hadn't dipped a toe in the pool since the beginning of March for the last indoor triathlon. And before that? It was mid-January for the winter triathlon. The last pool workout I did? Haven't got a clue. But I do know the High Cliff Triathlon is coming up quick. So tonight I walked in, grabbed a lane, put on my cap and goggles and jumped in.

It was just water. I can handle this, I thought. So I started swimming. Nice and slow. And you know what? It felt good.

I kept swimming. I didn't have a plan in mind as far as how far I wanted to go. I went into the workout with a let's just see what happens. I just swam. 100 yards then 200, 300 and pretty soon I was at 800 and I still felt good.

So I kept swimming.

There was an adult swimming lesson taking place in two of the other lanes and every so often I'd find myself swimming faster in order to catch up with one of the swimmers from the class. Most of the time I caught them and actually beat them to the wall. Made me feel good, like I still had the swimming bug in me.

I kept swimming, taking a short 30 second break after every 100 yards. Next thing I knew I was approaching 1,400 yards. That's when I told myself, shoot for 1,600 yards, that's just shy of a mile. Do it. You'll feel good about the workout you just did. And afterwards? You can treat yourself to some hot tub time.

So that's what I did. I finished off the 1,600 yards in about 45 minutes, which included my rest breaks, and then did a 100 yard cool down using the kick board.

It was a good swim. Made me realize I missed my pool time these last few months. And I'm already trying to figure out when my next trip to the pool will be. I'm thinking maybe Saturday morning.
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