Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little running, a little scale talk and some bike news

Headed back out to the trail today for a run.

I just opted for the 2.6 mile run today. And it felt good. I felt like I was keeping a decent pace, but I was a bit surprised when I finished and looked at my watch. 31 minutes. Something like an 11:30 pace. Hmm. Oh well.

I'm still blaming my super slow pace on the extra weight I put on due to the medicine I needed to take to boot the Monster out of my head. But the good news is even though it's taken me longer than I was hoping, I'm starting to see some results. I'm down 11 pounds and I've got some goals in mind: drop another 5 pounds by the time the starting gun goes off for the High Cliff Triathlon next month and lose the last 15 to fit into a super cute dress I already own for my cousin's wedding at the end of August. Both do-able goals I think.

And on a non-running, non-weight loss front, I sent in my registration for the Strong Kids Ride at the end of the month. I toyed with going for the 30-mile route, but ultimately selected the 20-mile route. Maybe I'll be able to change my mind on the day of the ride. But at this point? I just need the nasty lake flies to go away so I can rekindle my friendship with my bike, which I've been neglecting all week. Eek!


teacherwoman said...

Congrats on the weightloss. Just take it slow!

Carolina John said...

hey, good job on the weight loss. you'll get the last 5 gone soon. i'm still trying to lose that last 10 as well.

and have fun on the bike ride! i did a 33 mile ride through the nc mountains back in march. it was nuts! i always try to go one distance farther than i think i can. i bet you can take the 30 mile ride if you put your mind to it.