Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miles and mosquitoes

After three days, the raindrops stopped falling, the clouds parted and that bright shiny thing we call the sun came out.

Since the lake flies are still flying around in swarms in my neighborhood, and I was already attacked by those flying bugs earlier in the day, I threw on my running shoes and headed out to the Wiouwash Trail for a run after work tonight.

The 3-mile run felt good. My first mile was the fastest, the second mile was the slowest, but all three miles were in the same neighborhood pace wise. I finished the run in 34 minutes.

The worst part? With about a mile to go I had to stop momentarily to stretch. I'm talking 20 seconds. Max. And in those 20 seconds I managed to get attacked by numerous blood-thirsty mosquitoes. I'm not kidding. I have like six huge red welts around my knees. And they itch!

Thank goodness I had the After Bite stick at home. It may have stung when I slathered it all over the welts (and the smell is kind of nasty), but at least they don't itch anymore!

1 comment:

Runner Leana said...

Oh, I hate mosqitos! I get super huge red welts and they always seem to find me no matter what. Hope your bites go away soon!