Sunday, August 24, 2008

They're back. And getting too close for comfort

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

They're back.

The crickets.

And they're not just staying in the living room. That's where they get in. They sneak in through a crack in the screen of my patio door. No, the latest intruder? He'd managed to find his way into my apartment and down the hall. And when I found him? He was hanging out in the hallway, right by my bedroom door. One or two hops and he'd be sharing a room with me tonight.

I don't think so Mr. Cricket.

I employed the scoop and flush method. But he was a sneaky fellow. Hopping away every time I tried to scoop him up. It took me four or five tries before I finally caught him in the wad of toilet paper.

But he's been flushed now. Him and the five other crickets I've had to kill in the last month or so.

Hopefully the rest of his cricket friends learn the lesson when he doesn't come back tonight. If they stay out of my apartment we'll get along just find.


Erin said...


I have a cricket phobia. If/when I find one in my house, I'll probably react as if it were a mouse. A rabid mouse. With fangs. UGH, I hate them.

Anonymous said...

Can you spray something outside on your patio to discourage them from coming in?

Badgergirl said...

I've tried spraying some high-powered bug killer outside the patio door. Apparently the crickets are becoming immune to the spray. That or I need to give it another dose. It's been a few weeks.