Monday, December 25, 2006

Tagged again?

Apparently you can be tagged multiple times in this game. Because suddenly I've been tagged again. And I'm supposed to come up with 5 more things you may or may not know about me. Here were go again...

1. I can't iron. I put more wrinkles into clothes than I take out. My family thinks it might be due to the fact that I only own a small, table top ironing board that I had while I was in college. I guess that's why my sister-in-law though a great Christmas gift would be a full-sized ironing board. I'm not optimistic my ironing abilities will improve though. Maybe I'll just start buying clothes that don't require ironing. Or just wear wrinkled shirts.

2. I'm a very picky eater. Although I think I've gotten better over the past few years. I like more fruits than vegetables. And I'm quite good at picking stuff that I don't like out of or off of food.

3. I play the violin and piano, but I hate performing solo. I think it goes back to a piano recital I was in in 4th grade. I had to have my pieces memorized and the first one (I can't recall what it was) went fine. However, for my second piece, I was playing "Dixie." I was playing and it was going good. I was almost to the end. When my mind went blank four measures from the end. I remember stopping, thinking and turning around to my piano teacher and asking if I could start over. She nodded yes and the folks in the audience laughed. Not in a "ha ha ha, you suck kind of way" but more a "ha ha, isn't she cute." I started the piece over, finished it with flying colors and have hated performing solo since.

4. I spent my summers during college working at a school supply warehouse. For the first three summers, I packed orders. My last summer I was the "checker," which meant I made sure all the stuff was right in the order. If it was wrong, I got to ride a yellow three-wheeled bike around the warehouse to get the right stuff. That was the most enjoyable part of the job. It sure wasn't the fact that all of my supervisors were lesbians, together.

5. My first car was a red 1985 Chevette. It didn't like driving on the highway and the check engine light would always come on. One time, while working at The Wisconsin State Journal in college, my boss sent me out to Belmont, Wis., this itty bitty town near Iowa, for a basketball game. It took me like an hour and half to get there. I went, parked next to the school's cow barn, covered the basketball game I was at and drove back to Madison to file my story before heading out for a night game in Middleton. All the way to Middleton, my car hurked and jerked down the Beltline. I was a bit frightened. I called my dad, told him what was going on and he told me what the problem was. Apparently the Chevette ate through transmission fluid like a normal car goes through gas. And I was running with no transmission fluid. From then on, I always carried a spare bottle or two of transmission fluid in my backseat. And I wonder why my dad didn't want to keep the Chevette another two years so we could get collector plates for it.

There, that was five more things. That means over the last few days you've learned 10 things about me. I think that's enough for now. And I don't think I'm going to tag anyone either, just because.

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