Monday, December 11, 2006

Make the brightness go away

It was a very sleepless night. And I'm mostly to blame for my tossing and turning.

I was stupid and thought I could curb an oncoming migraine by going to sleep. Not so. Instead of just getting up and drugging myself with massive amounts of Advil (the only remedy I have at the moment since my prescription medication disappeared the moment my health insurance from the 'burg died), I just tossed and turned and hoped like heck the migraine would be gone when I woke up.

It was still there.

After sitting through a dull meeting this morning, I was looking forward to retriting to my desk here at work in the darkness I enjoy working in.

Someone had other plans though. Plans that involved lighting which makes me feel as though I'm sitting here, blogging with a spotlight directed on me.

And this brightness, not so good for the migraine I temporarily curbed this morning.

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