Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Excuse to the boss: I couldn't solve poverty cause there were CDs tempting me

I got into the office today at 11 a.m. after some morning appointments and promptly wanted to leave once a co-worker dropped off three CDs for me to borrow. Jason Mraz, Snow Patrol and Jack's Mannequin.

With CDs sitting on my desk taunting me, how could my boss expect me to solve poverty? So I shoved the CDs back in the corner (not too far back though...I wouldn't want to forget them!) and they eventually got buried by pages and pages of poverty data.

I managed to pound out a very very rough draft of my answer to poverty. The original plan was to hit the YMCA after work and run on the treadmill to nowhere, but since it was quite cold outside I decided not to go. Besides, I wouldn't want to ignore the CDs any longer!

So I gathered up my belongings, shut down my computer and then headed home to listen to the new tunes.

I've only gotten part way through the Jason Mraz CD, but so far I give it two thumbs up.


Krista said...

P.S. Track #8, "Plane," is the best song you will ever listen to in your entire life. Ever.

I'm just sayin.'

Badgergirl said...

I love that song!