Friday, August 31, 2012

Four for Friday


1. I love tennis. And I should be excited that the U.S. Open is on right now. But after hearing the news yesterday, I don't know if I want the tournament to end. On his 30th birthday, Andy Roddick announced late Thursday afternoon that the Open will be his final tournament. He's hanging up his racket and retiring. Sigh. I love watching Roddick play. He's fun to watch and he's done some great things for men's tennis in the United States. When I lived in Indiana in 2003, I got a chance to see him play in Indianapolis a few months before he won the U.S. Open, his only Grand Slam title. Needless to say I'll be parked in front of a TV tonight to watch him play his second round match at the Open under the lights. I like what what this SI writer had to say about Roddick's decision.

2. Speaking of sports. College football is back! I didn't watch the season's opening game last night, Vanderbilt versus South Carolina, but I'm counting down the minutes until the Badgers kick off their season Saturday against the University of Northern Iowa. And NFL football starts next week. This is what makes fall weekends so fun.

3. Running wise, it hasn't been the most stellar week. I spent a good chunk of time, about four days, battling a nasty migraine. I missed a 13-mile run over the weekend. I missed a short recovery run on Monday. I missed work on Tuesday and therefore speed work that night. I did get a short 3-mile run in on Wednesday and another 4.25 miles in on Thursday. Both of those runs felt pretty good, but I'll be interested to see how this weekend's long run goes.

4. I can't wait for the long holiday weekend. I don't think this statement needs any further explanation. Enjoy the weekend!

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