Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Madison Mini Edition

1. So I'm running a race this weekend. Specifically the Madison Mini Marathon. It will be my second attempt at the race (remember last year's 1.5 hour delay due to lightning?) and I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of difference a year makes.

2. I've been hesitant to put together a list of goals for this race though. Technically it's just a training run. Heck, my training plan only has me running 12 miles on Saturday. And there's that whole IT band issue that I've been dealing with all summer. Guess what? It still doesn't like hills. Guess what the Mini has? You bet, hills. But the weather is supposed to be perfect - temperatures in the 50s at the start line and only a high in the low 70s - so of course I start thinking.

A Goal: Sub 2:25
B Goal: 2:25
C Goal: 2:30
D Goal: Don't die. Have fun.

I'll tell you right off, that A Goal? Probably not going to happen, unless some Kenyans invade my body overnight. I'm just not ready for that yet. I think the B Goal will be a challenge, but a good challenge. And one that realistically could be met. Of course it helps that I'll be running with a Twitter friend Katie, who is also shooting for that goal. And if I only hit the C Goal? I'll be happy. After all, it's just a training run.

3. The "Don't die. Have fun." goal shouldn't require too much work. I get to meet up with and hang out with a bunch of friends - both those I already know and new friends that I haven't actually met yet in real life. Can't wait. Should definitely be a fun weekend.

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