Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. One last thought on Run Away to the Bay. The tutus. They were a good decision financially. See we went to the after party at The Bar wearing our tutus. Other teams would come up to us, say they saw us on the route and that they loved the tutus. We were glad to hear the positive feedback. Well as the party wound down, some non-runner folks came out on to the patio where we were sitting. Myriah, still wearing her tutu, left to go get one more free beer and came back tutu-less with beer in one hand and money in the other. She sold the tutu. And there was high demand for the two other tutus that were left at our table - my red and white one and the pink one I brought along for Peggy to use. Long story short, I sold the tutus and made $25. A good deal since they really didn't cost much to make. And the cash? It paid for dinner later on - although I did feel a little bit like a stripper paying for my dinner in ones.

2. I've really got to go get a new pair of shoes this weekend. As in, I probably should have done it a few weeks ago in order to break them in a bit before the Capital City Half Marathon on May 5. If anything they'll reach that perfect stage of broken in-ness (is that a word?) by the time Green Bay rolls around on May 20.

3. As you're all aware, I'm a University of Wisconsin graduate. I love my Badgers. And yesterday? My alma mater was doing something pretty cool, in my opinion. It was called #UWRightNow, a multimedia project lead by University Communications to show what was going on at UW for 24 hours. Students, faculty, alumni all submitted what was happening on campus or what UW meant to them through Twitter, YouTube and email. Watching what was going on throughout the day was pretty neat and was yet another reason why I love my university. And of course it made me miss Madison. I'll always be a Badger. Go here to check it out.


Carolina John said...

are tutu's ever a bad call?

Jess Milcetich said...

Love the UW social media campaign idea!

And that's awesome that you were able to sell your tutus!!!