Monday, March 26, 2012

Running in circles

I skipped my long run over the weekend and tonight I paid the price. Saturday's weather was cruddy - cold, wet, dreary - and Sunday I spent the day battling a nasty headache, so running 10 miles really wasn't an option.

I could have just skipped the run entirely, but I knew I would regret it. So tonight after work I was planning on running long. I didn't know if I'd get all 10 miles in, but I wanted to run something longer than the typical 4 that I've usually been doing on a Monday. But our summer-like weather that we've been having? It disappeared over the weekend and we're back to more normal March weather in Wisconsin - mid-40s, windy. Knowing this and knowing I wouldn't be able to get a bunch of miles in before dark, I decided to head over to the YMCA indoor track for the run.

And I ran. I ended up doing all 10 miles. For those keeping track at home, that's a new mileage high for me on the indoor track and a 110 laps. That's a lot of running in circles. And although my cranky IT band (which had been behaving lately) got a little angry towards the end, the run went really well. The first 7 miles were kind of speedy - at least in terms of my long run pace - and the final three turned into the mental battle that I was expecting. But it was a good run.

I also learned that it's not the smartest thing to skip your weekend run and wait until Monday night after work to log a 10 mile run. Pretty sure I'll be busting out the compression socks for work tomorrow.


Carolina John said...

Holy crap 110 laps would drive me past boredom. crazy talk.

Jasmine said...

How do you keep track of your laps? Our track at the Y is really small and I'm always losing track!