Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Game Day edition!

1. It's game day! In a matter of hours you'll find me sitting in front of a TV watching as the Badgers open up their season, and the entire college football season, against UNLV at Camp Randall. So. Excited. I've been waiting for what seems like forever. Or since Jan. 1 when Wisconsin lost a heart breaker to those darn Horned Frogs from TCU and JJ Watt cried during the post-game press conference. But it's a new season. And it could be a special one. And it all starts tonight. Under the lights. Kick off is at 7 p.m. And I'm pretty sure the concentration level while I'm at work today will be non-existent.

2. But before I get to watch the Badgers I've got a run date set up with a new running partner here in Oshkosh. I know Jes through Twitter and we're both in the middle of half marathon training and run about the same pace. So the plan is to meet up after work for a quick 5 miles. I'm looking forward to it!

3. Speaking of football. Did anyone see this? Apparently President Obama wanted to make a speech to the joint session of Congress on Wednesday, Sept. 7 but after some outcry from Republicans pushed it back to the next day. No big deal, right? Well, Sept. 8 just happens to be the NFL season opener. You know, the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers taking on the New Orleans Saints at Lambeau Field? I'm pretty sure there might be a few angry Packer fans in Wisconsin if the President's speech interrupts the game and we miss a chunk because TV shows the speech instead of the game. Just sayin'.

Bonus: As I was adding up mileage for the month of August I realized I had another 100+ mile month! I logged 113.45 miles for the month. That's the third time I've hit that number this year (or actually ever) and my highest monthly mileage total (previous high was 111.7 miles in March). This brings me to 677.75 miles for the year, and leaves me needing 322.75 more miles before the end of the year if I want to hit that 1,000 mile goal. Four months. Think I can do it?


Renee said...

JJ Watt crying was the saddest thing in the world. I watched the game with no other Badger fans and no body understood my emotions. I went into the kitchen and sat on the floor. Here is to an awesome season! can't wait to see how many points the Badgers pound on Indiana at Homecoming!

Carolina John said...

I can't wait to watch the badgers stomp on UNLV tonight!!! Bring on college football!

and wow, 113 miles in august? Geez that's high. Well done!