Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My desire to run went AWOL

I won't lie.

The running has been very very minimal since I crossed the line at the Fox Cities Half Marathon just over a week ago. I had that 3-mile run late last week. And then I had good intentions to get something longer in over the weekend.

And well, I came up with more excuses than miles. Rain. The treadmill wasn't appealing. I had to watch the Badger game Saturday afternoon. Name the excuse and I probably used it.

Once again, I had good intentions on running on Monday. Heck, I even packed a gym bag to take to work since I knew it was going to be raining - hard - all day. But then I worked a little late. And I came up with an excuse not to turn left and head over to the YMCA after I left my work parking lot.

But tonight. I put an end to the excuses. I had the gym bag in my car again, but opted to go home and run outside since it was cool and overcast and there wasn't a chance for rain. I set out for my run, not really knowing how far I was going to go. I just wanted to see what it felt like. And you know what? It felt good. My pace was comfortably hard but I was enjoying the run. I ended up doing 4.65 miles. I would have loved to tack on an extra 1.5 miles for an even 6 miles, but it was starting to get dark and I wasn't dressed appropriately for night time running in a neighborhood with no sidewalks and busy streets.

So it felt good. My plan is log a few miles again tomorrow after work and then meet up with a friend for about 4 miles on Thursday after work. And this weekend? Something longer will get done, just not sure how many miles, when or if they will be run solo or with some of my Fleet Feet buddies.

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Carolina John said...

Come on, get back on the horse!