Friday, September 2, 2011

September could be a pretty good month

How is it already September?

Not that I'm complaining. Because I'm kind of looking forward to the cooler fall temperatures - if they ever decide to show up and stick around - and I've got some pretty cool things planned for the month.

But first I have to mention my Badgers.

Did anyone see that game last night? Bucky was on fire! Or I guess maybe his arms were on fire. See at Wisconsin we've got a tradition. Everytime the Badgers score during the football game, Bucky Badger does that number of pushups on a board that's being held up by the male cheerleaders. On a low scoring night it's not really a problem.

But when the Badgers beat UNLV 51-17? That's a lot of pushups. In fact, last night Bucky did 233 pushups. His arms must have been burning. And while watching last night I decided I'm going to keep track of how many pushups Bucky does this year. Could be interesting.

So now that I've addressed the Badgers (who looked pretty amazing in their victory and I'm pretty stoked to watch our new QB Russell Wilson this season), I can move on to other exciting things I've got planned for September.

It starts this weekend. Sunday night I'm heading down to my old stomping grounds, the 'Burg, to hang out with Amanda, a friend of mine. On Monday we're heading over to Randolph, this little village near her house, for Run for the Paws, a local 5K and corn carnival. I did the 5K with her two years ago and am pretty excited to make a return appearance. The first time I did it was a small little race and I actually placed in my age group! Looking forward to seeing what I can do this year.

Next weekend? It's going to be pretty cool. My friend Peggy (who just started a blog, stop by and say hi!) and I are heading down to Madison to cheer on Jeff, a friend of ours and fellow Tough Mudder teammate, as he tackles Ironman Wisconsin. Even though I went to school in Madison, I never got to experience an Ironman since the event was first staged the fall after I graduated. So I'm super excited to spectate and cheer on all the athletes. Should be a pretty inspiring weekend and it comes at a great time because....

The next weekend is the Fox Cities Half Marathon. My 'A' race for the fall. I'm pretty sure there will be more written about this race as race day gets closer.

So a pretty busy month. And that's only the first three weekends! I'm ready!


Jennie said...

Your school and my school are so different. Your Ironman is about physical fitness and stuff. Our Ironman involved pizza, beer and some things I shouldn't talk about on the internet. First team to finish all of 'em won. :)

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

Sounds like a great month! Enjoy!

palexander75 said...

thanks for the shout out! Can't wait to read your Ironman recap. How to put that into words, huh?