Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Are you ready for some football? I know I am! I can't wait for the NFL season to kick off tonight at Lambeau Field. And you bet I'll be sporting my green Aaron Rodgers jersey tonight. The only bad part about today? Instead of heading up to Green Bay to take in all of the kickoff festivities that are going on, I'll be at work. Somehow I have a feeling my concentration level will be pretty close to non-existent.

2. Last night I headed out to meet up with Peggy for a run after work. We had 6 miles on our training plan and both of us have realized that 6 miles is about the cut off point for where running alone is tolerable. We can both do the longer miles alone, but find them so much easier and more enjoyable when we're with a running buddy. So we met up and ran. And the miles? They literally flew by. And they didn't feel hard. We took them pretty easy, even sprinkling in a few short walk breaks, but still finished with a fairly decent pace. We were happy.

3. And the run gave us a chance to make some more plans for this weekend. Because we're heading down to Madison to take in all the Ironman Wisconsin craziness and cheer on our friend, fellow Tough Mudder and coach Jeff as he travels the 140.6 miles. So excited. It's going to be an amazing and inspirational weekend. And I'm pretty sure I'll walk away on Sunday with the desire to add a triathlon on to my 2012 race calendar. I missed it this year.


Rachel said...

GO PACK GO! I have already lost all my motivation to work today. I wish I was there for all the festivities too!

My husband and I will be volunteering at Ironman! We will be at one of the aid stations for the run. Can't wait to cheer on all the triathletes. Have fun supporting your friends!

Suzy said...

Last night's game was awesome!! Nothing better than starting the season with a win.