Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Actual photos of me running

Hey. Remember when I ran the Madison Mini Marathon in August?

I've actually got proof that I ran it. I finally got around to looking at the professional photos that were taken. And while I liked some of them, I'm really not in the mood to pay the incredibly steep fees those photogs want. So I used the screenshots. Because it's not often that you come across a good race photo.

Waiting out the rain delay inside an air conditioned theater at the Memorial Union with @ptg1002 and @MsIndigo

 This one is actually my favorite. I like to think I look a little bit like a bada$$ here. A runner on a mission.

So I might have a slight problem with looking down at the pavement sometimes when I run.

Heading onto the Lakeshore Path. Just a little over 2 miles to go.

Finish line sprint. Yes, I passed that chic in the yellow.

 I look a little bit like death here. But mostly because I was hot and wet. But I needed to get the pic in front of the iconic Union Terrace chair.


James said...

I never get good pics of me running. I always look so dorky.

Kim said...

I love that there is a photo of us just hanging out in the theater. :)

Did you buy your bad ass pic?