Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I wanted to kill the monster in my head, but I didn't have the energy

It's been so long I don't even know what day of the week it is much less what day of the month it is.

But I have a good reason for my disappearance.

For the last two weeks, I've been curled up in a fetal position. My head has been throbbing. And we're not just talking a dull pain, but a throbbing so bad it felt like it was a pair of knives being stabbed in and out of my head. Pain where it might have been less painful to chop my head off than deal with the migraine that pestered me for SEVEN DAYS!

Yes, I've been dealing with a migraine for seven days. I've never had a migraine last seven days before. They usually leave after two days. But this one? It was seven days.

I stayed home from work the entire time and made four different visits to my doctor's office in hopes of getting rid of the migraine. Two different blood draws and four different shots to the lower back area still left me with a migraine so Friday night I headed over to the emergency room, where I got more medicine via an IV and also had to have scans done of my head, because remember, the migraine that had been bothering me for seven days?

I still didn't go to work today, but the throbbing has subsided. Instead I've been dealing with a very, very sore lower back, because some neurosurgeon decided I needed to have fluid drawn, FROM MY SPINAL CORD! OUCH! And yes, it did hurt.

But hopefully I'm on my way to figuring out why I was left throwing up and curled up in a fetal position for over a week. At the same time, hopefully I'll also be able to return to my blog, because even though I didn't think in coherent sentences too often the last two weeks, I did miss blogging.


Sara said...

I cannot even imagine. I have had one last three days and I thought I was going to die. Hope it feels all better soon :)

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason behind your disappearance. Feel better soon, J.


Farrah said...

I'm tied with you Sara - I had a three dayer back in the 90's. I had a headache for four days last week. Thankfully they weren't four consecutive days, and it wasn't a migraine. I'm glad you're starting to feel better and are able to blog again (silly me thought you were just busy with your new boy)!

teacherwoman said...

Ouch. I was starting to get worried about you! I hope you are feeling better very soon. Take care.

Deloris said...

I'm glad you're back and blogging. Feel better soon. :)

MWGirl said...

Jenny! I love you. Now get better. Stat.

Nat said...

Hope things are better. I have never had a migraine either and pray I never do. Ow!

Bethany K. Warner said...

Yipes! I hope you are feeling more like yourself soon! Glad to hear things are starting to get better.