Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wasn't going to let a third day pass me by

The last two days were gorgeous. Sunny. Temperatures in the mid- to upper-60s. Almost unheard of for mid-March in Wisconsin.

And even though it was gorgeous, I didn't get outside to run. Painful. I wanted to. I really did. But Monday I had a late assignment at work and didn't get home until after dark and last night it was dinner with an old friend followed up with a St. Patty's Day drink with some friends.

And running after consuming green beer? Probably not the best idea.

So it was beautiful and I didn't run.

Today? Not quite as nice. But it was still in the mid-50s and sunny. And a bit windy. But I skeedaddled out of work when the clock struck quitting time. I threw on some running clothes, grabbed my iPod and hit the road.

And it was beautiful. I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoyed running outside. But these last two runs reminded me. Yes, the wind was a bit gusty today, making it harder to run to the north and the west, but other than that, the run felt good.

An added plus? During the 2-mile route I listened to tunes by Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys - two bands I discovered while out celebrating St. Patty's Day last night. Good stuff. Check them out.


Anonymous said...

Green beer just looks way to nasty to drink.

Badgergirl said...

Add some low lighting to the bar and you don't even know how nasty the green beer looks. :)

Runner Leana said...

Running after green beer? No...that does not sound like a good idea...

Jess said...

Yay for getting out there and getting a run in!