Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I got spoiled. Now it's back indoors.

I guess I've been spoiled.

Those days last week when it was super nice, with temperatures hovering in the mid-60s and the sun shining? Or even last weekend when it was still in the 50s and sunny.

Those days when I got to run outside. Those runs where I began to remember why I liked to run and how much better it is to log miles outside instead of indoors on a treadmill where you run to nowhere?

Like I said I was spoiled. It's not supposed to be that nice in Wisconsin in mid-March.

The last two days? That's what Wisconsin is like in mid-March. Windy. Cold. Cloudy. Temperatures in the lower-40s. Oh, and I forgot. Rain. Constantly. So I headed back indoors to the YMCA. Yesterday I did a little brick workout - spent about a half hour on the bike before finishing off the workout with a 2-mile run. Today, since it poured all day, I went back and just opted for a nice long ride on the bike.

Looks like I'll be heading back again tomorrow. Oh well. Some day spring-like weather will come to Wisconsin. And stay. And then I'll be able to run and bike to my heart's desire outside. And I'll love it. But until then? It's the YMCA for me.

Oh, and in March Madness news? My bracket features 14 of the Sweet 16 teams. Just missing Arizona and Purdue. Can't wait for the Madness to return on Thursday.

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