Sunday, March 15, 2009

Splish splashing through the puddles

I don't want to jinx it, but it seems as though Mother Nature is being nice to us here in Wisconsin.

I had to do a double take when I looked at the thermometer today and it was flirting with 50 degrees. And since the sun was out, I knew I had no excuse.

I needed to run outside.

I got ready. Threw on a pair of running pants, a long sleeve dry wicking shirt and layered another T-shirt over the top, put my shoes on and I was set. I grabbed my sunglasses and headed out to the park by the lake that I like running in. I thought it might be a better option than trying to run on the sidewalks in my neighborhood and fight the melting snow piles and puddles.

Turns out I probably should have opted for the sidewalks.

I got to the park and was greeted by mini lakes all along the running path that winds through the park. Hmmm. For a split split second I thought about abandoning the run. But then I remembered. Sunshine. Warm temperatures. Must. Run. Outside.

So I changed my plan a bit, headed out to the street that runs alongside the park and run in the road until those mini lakes disappeared from the path and I could go back to the original plan. I ran out to the point and on the way back, I decided to test the path a little more. Probably should have just gone with the road again since I spent a considerable amount of time running through slushy snowbanks in an effort to avoid the not-so-mini mini lakes.

And those slushy snowbanks, add them to the puddles I did run through and I was left with some pretty wet feet.

I didn't bother to keep track of how long it took me to run the 2.6 miles, but I know it was slow. Blame it on the puddles and slushy snowbanks. That and the fact that my legs were still a bit tired after yesterday's indoor triathlon.

But regardless of the slow time, and the wet feet, today's run was worth it. Because I got to run outside.

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Anonymous said...

Jace and I went for a wog in the cemetery yesterday. I miss our walks.