Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mr. Treadmill - Long time no see.

I've been avoiding lacing up my running shoes, putting one foot in front of the other and going for a run for almost a month now. Avoiding it like the plague. Finding every excuse to avoid the treadmill and log some miles.

Blame it on December I guess.

But tonight I decided to stop avoiding the treadmill and just do it. (I didn't intentionally mean to sound like a Nike commercial. Really.)

So tonight after work I headed over to the YMCA, laced up my shoes and stepped on the treadmill. And with my iPod playing some tunes and the Duke vs. Davidson basketball game on the TV in front of me, I ran. The basketball game kept me entertained. Made the 2.5 miles I covered go just a tiny bit faster.

But still. It was hard. I need to build the endurance back up. The fist mile always seems to go OK. But after that I start feeling it in my legs. And it starts to feel like if I don't stop for a 20 second breather, my legs are just going to die. Not fun.

So I'll tackle the treadmill again tomorrow. And I'll start being more consistent with getting in my runs. And hopefully over time it will start to get easier. Because this runner? She knows it's all about the baby steps right now.


teacherwoman said...

Way to get out there and run!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I am the opposite.. the first mile or two are always the hardest for me. By mile 3 I am good to go. Hang in there, build it up slowly and in no time, 2.5 will be a breeze.

Viv said...

Way to face the mill again!