Monday, January 5, 2009

I was attacked. And now I smell like chlorine.

One more day. That's what I had left to be productive before heading back into work Tuesday for my first five-day work week since before Thanksgiving.

I ran some errands in the morning. Ventured over to the outlet mall to pick up a new pair of jeans. I own one pair and yesterday I discovered they had gotten a hole in them. Not a hole in the knee or some other hole-appropriate area. No. A hole in a not-so-appropriate spot. So they needed to be replaced.

When I got back to my apartment I was sitting in my living room, watching Days of Our Lives and munching on a sandwich for lunch. And the Christmas tree was staring at me. One of those looks like, "Ha, ha ha. I'm still standing." Remember, I toyed with taking down the Christmas tree yesterday, but decided to head over to the YMCA instead.

But today? The tree didn't scare me. After I finished my sandwich, I dug out the boxes for the ornaments and the tree and got to work on tackling that fake piece of pine. The branches, they were a bit scratchy. But the ornaments? They were vicious. One angel even attacked me. She looked so calm and sweet, playing her violin. But I went to take her off the tree branch and BAM! She bite me! I looked down and my finger was bleeding. OK, maybe it wasn't bleeding that much. But still, have you ever heard of an angel drawing blood?

I kept on tackling the tree though. And eventually all of the ornaments were wrapped and put away and the tree was shoved back in its box. The outside Christmas lights were taken down and Christmas has left my apartment.

Feeling good about conquering the tree, I looked at the clock. It was still early. And remember, I was on this tree-tackling high and was in one of those moods where I feel like I could do anything I wanted to.

So I packed my gym bag, dug out my swimming suit, swim cap and goggles and headed over to the YMCA. Today, I would make friends with the pool again. The pool that I haven't visited since July. I admit, the pool? It looked a bit intimidating. But lucky for me, there weren't many people there. Just me, some women doing water walking and an older guy swimming laps.

I got ready, jumped in and took off swimming. It all seemed to come back naturally. Like I never abandoned the pool in the first place. Going in, I wasn't sure how far I was going to swim. Initially I decided on doing 800 yards since it's been a while. But the first 100 felt good. I rested a bit, avoiding eye contact with the quasi-creepy older guy, and set off for my second 100. Repeat. All of sudden I was at 800 yards and I still felt good. So I kept going. Grabbed a kick board around 1,000 yards and used that for a bit before a short cool down.

In all, I did 1,200 yards in about 30 minutes. Not bad. It felt good being back in the pool I had forgotten how much I like it. Yes, at times it was hard tonight, but I was expecting that since I hadn't touched water in over 5 months.

Overall, I'd say it's been a pretty productive day. Seriously. I tackled a Christmas tree and survived an attack by a vicious ornament and now I smell like chlorine. Not a bad day off.

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