Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another year bites the dust

The phone rang this morning as I was standing in the bathroom, fingers covered in make-up. I looked at the number, which carried a 608 area code, and didn't recognize it. In fact, the only people I could think of with that number are the students at the University of Wisconsin who call me about twice a year, asking for money.

So I didn't answer.

I finished getting ready and then listened to the voicemail the mystery caller left.

"Happy birthday to you. Bye!"

Oh yes. My uncle. Calling to wish me a happy birthday since today? Today I turned another year older and inched another year closer to a new decade.

I haven't done much today. Thought about heading over to the YMCA, but decided I'd rather lounge in my recliner and listen to the Badgers (who sadly are on ESPN today and not the still-clear-as-day Big Ten Network) and lay low before meeting up later with friends for some food, drinks, good times and other celebratory shenanigans.

Because you only celebrate your 29th birthday once.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Deloris said...

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy being 29. I can't believe I turn 30 in July.