Monday, September 15, 2008

It couldn't stay in the non-evil category could it

Remember how I said my cable company wasn't so evil? Back in the day when they finally decided to get their butts in gear and offer the Big Ten Network?

I was a happy girl. I could finally watch my Badgers and not have to curse at the television because I didn't get the stupid channel where 70 percent of the games were televised.

I take it back.

My cable company? It's inching back towards evil.

This time it's the local FOX affiliate. There's been contract issues. And if they don't resolve it by Oct. 2? No more FOX. And that my friends? Could be very, very scary.

Three words: Green Bay Packers.

Yup. It's the station the Packer games are broadcast on. If it disappears I don't want to imagine what would happen. The entire Northeastern part of Wisconsin will probably erupt in a riot or blow itself up. Or blow up the cable headquarters. Either way. It won't be pretty.

And if that isn't enough, think about this.

No FOX would mean no Kiefer Sutherland. No 24.

If all of a sudden I can't watch the Packers or 24, the cable company would return to its evil status. I would be a very very unhappy Badgergirl. Even if I could still watch all of the Badger games.

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