Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Running would have made it more painful

It's been almost two months since I last ran.

Two months. That's a long time. So long that I'm basically going to be starting over again. Struggling through a mile or two. It'll be hard. And it will probably suck. And be frustrating.

But I was ready to do it.

I was going to start running again yesterday. Granted, I was going to opt for the inside, treadmill to nowhere option, but I was going to run. As painful as it was going to be.

When the pain starts before you even get out of bed in the morning? Not so cool. And it makes running a bit difficult.

That's what I was dealing with though.

See, I was learning how to dragon boat on Saturday. There's a dragon boat festival in a little over a week here in the City on the Water and I'm part of the team from my work. So Saturday I had to go learn how to be a dragon boater.

It was hard. A lot of rowing. And you get wet. And you're in a gigantic canoe-like boat. With 21 other people. Including a drummer. But it was fun. And I was stiff and sore on Sunday morning. I expected that though.

What I wasn't expecting was not being able to sleep Sunday night because my back hurt so bad. Just in one spot, on the left side, above my hip area. It hurt to to lay on my back. I tried sleeping on my side. That hurt. And sleeping on my stomach? That hurt too.

I barely slept and was almost in tears when I called my Mom at 6:20 in the morning. On her advice, I called my doctor's office and talked to a nurse, who asked me all kinds of questions. She ended up telling me it sounded liked I tweaked a back muscle while I was dragon boating, but that it would get better.

So lots of Tylenol, ice and BioFreeze filled the next two days. And I decided against trying to run, thinking it would probably make it hurt more. But it worked. Slowly the pain went away. And last night I could even sleep! And today? Nothing. No pain.

Even though it didn't hurt, I decided against trying to run today. Thought I'd give it another day or two. Heck, maybe I'll even wait until next week. After all. What's another few days when it's already been almost two months?


teacherwoman said...

You haven't ran in 2 months? Really? It's not good when you hurt and your not running. I hope the run goes well.

Badgergirl said...

I haven't been hurt for 2 months. Just preferring to jump on my bike instead.