Saturday, November 10, 2007

Most parades were for veterans today. Here? We're celebrating the holidays

I went to a "holiday" parade today.

And yes, you're reading your calendar correctly. It's only Nov. 10. But regardless of what the date on the calendar says, the City on the Water decided to have their holiday parade today. Completely with Santa Claus and Christmas carols.

I have a few problems with this.

Did I mention it's only Nov. 10? Seriously. Kids were running around neighborhoods less than 2 weeks ago, dressed up as pirates and princesses. And what about the holiday where we stuff ourselves with turkey and celebrate pilgrims and Indians? In my mind, we start celebrating Christmas after we do the whole turkey thing.

Even if we forget the date on the calendar, I still had problems with today's holiday parade. For starters, it was at 10. In the morning. When it was light out. And to me, holiday parades are supposed to be when it's dark out. Maybe it's because I grew up in Appleton. Where they hold their Christmas parade (yes, they call it a Christmas parade, not a holiday parade) is held the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week and it's at night. Part of the tradition? The Christmas lights along College Avenue are lit for the first time when the parade begins. It's not only a signal to begin the parade festivities, but also to start celebrating the holiday season.

Plus, since Appleton's is later in the month, there's an actual chance of snow. And nothing is better than a Christmas parade marching down the street with a light snow falling.

But Santa Claus and the Christmas carols were out in full force today in the streets of downtown here in the City on the Water. And I was there. But I'll be waiting eagerly for the "real" Christmas parade in just over a week.


teacherwoman said...

That is CRAZINESS!!! Definitely should wait until after turkey day.

Bethany K. Warner said...

I covered that last year. And last year, it was the same day as Veteran's Day. So we had happy Santa and a somber vet's day celebration back to back. It was just wrong