Monday, November 5, 2007

General yuckiness in bullet point form

Because I'm not sure I can string together enough coherent sentences to form actual paragraphs, you're getting bullet points.

  • I feel like crap and my voice? It kind of sounds like a frog.
  • I ache.
  • My car? It has a flat tire. I didn't pay attention in driver's ed class, therefore, I didn't learn how to change a tire. I'm currently in the process of finding someone of the male gender (who knows how to change a tire) to come over and help me.
  • I spent my day off, glued to my recliner, dozing and watching cheezy Lifetime movies.
  • I was supposed to get a flu shot today. That plan went down the drain when I walked outside and discovered the aforementioned flat tire.
  • Is it bedtime yet?

UPDATE: The tire? It's officially flat. As in unfixable. Meaning I have to buy a new tire. Ugh. For now, I'm riding around with my spare and the Focus? It looks a little ghetto.


Jennie said...

What? They taught us about flat tires in driver's ed? I guess I fell asleep that day, too.

In other news-- HI!

Bethany K. Warner said...

UGH. What an un-fun adventure.

I know I missed the tire-changing day in my driver's ed class too.

Unknown said...

I can show you how to change a tire. I did save Erin's and Krista's life once at EAA by changing a flat.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that the guy who sells you the tire will totally install it for you.