Thursday, November 15, 2007

I think it's time to pack it away

I love my fleece. Both of them. The red one and the black one.

They're comfortable and toasty warm. But at the same time, not so warm that I end up sweating buckets if I decide to wear one of them on a super sunny day when temperatures are hovering in the upper 50s.

But yesterday? It was getting a bit chilly. And the fact that the wind was blowing around 30 miles an hour? That made it that much colder. So last night while I was laying in bed, reading a book, the howling and growling wind played a huge role in my decision.

It was time to put the fleece away and pull out the work-appropriate winter jacket.

So this morning it was the charcoal gray pea coat that I threw on instead of the red fleece I would have preferred. But I think it's the right decision, especially since the weatherman is telling me the mercury in the thermometer might reach 40 degrees this weekend, if I'm lucky.

Tonight the fleece will get hung up in the hall closet, where they'll stay until spring or the mid-winter heat wave, whatever one comes first.


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missinsidegirl said...

I'm in denial. I hate when winter forces us to closet our comfy sweaters and pull out the imposing thick coats we'll wear for months. Boo. I'm obsessed with my gray button-down and refuse to let December scare me. Well, until it snows.